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If you have a safeguarding concern about an adult who may be at risk, please contact the Health Service Executive (HSE). The HSE have dedicated Safeguarding and Protection Teams that deal with safety concerns. A list of HSE contact details can be found on our Useful Links page.

In the case of an emergency, please contact the Gardaí or emergency services by calling 121 or 999.

If we receive a complaint or allegation of abuse as part of our supervisory and complaints functions, we will escalate this appropriately.

It will also be important that organisations that become aware of a complaint of abuse involving a decision supporter contact us so that we can take appropriate action.

Any person who has a safeguarding concern about an adult at risk should contact the HSE Adult Safeguarding Team in their area. In the case of an emergency, please contact the Gardaí or emergency services by calling 121 or 999.

We have a dedicated information services team in the Decision Support Service to help with any queries and to provide relevant information. You can contact the team on 01 211 9750 or email queries@decisionsupportservice.ie.

If the Director receives a complaint that an organisation had failed/refused to recognise an appointed decision supporter, the Complaints Team will contact the organisation to discuss the matter and, if necessary, explain the provisions of the 2015 Act. Under the 2015 Act, the Director is required to provide information and guidance to organisations and bodies in the State in relation to their interaction with relevant persons and the various tiers of decision supporters. The Director may also identify and make recommendations for change of practices in organisations and bodies in which the practices may prevent a relevant person from exercising his or her capacity under the Act – section 95(i).

The DSS has authority to supervise and regulate the decision support arrangements. There are no sanction or penalties, however, that the Director can directly impose on any external organisation or professional person who fails to recognise a valid decision supporter. However, depending on the response of the organisation, it would be open to the DSS or the complainant to notify the appropriate regulatory body, as this may amount to a breach of the standards and codes that apply to the particular organisation. In the usual way, the regulatory body would be required to examine the complaint and take appropriate action. It is also worth noting the relevance of the DSS codes of practice in this context. As set out in section 103(14), where it appears to a court, tribunal or body conducting any proceedings that a DSS code/breach of a code is relevant, it shall take that into account in deciding the question before it”.

We have the authority to investigate complaints about decision-making arrangements and decision supporters. You will find our complaints form on the forms section of the website. You can email or post this form to us.

You can also contact the complaints team on 01 211 9750 or email complaints@decisionsupportservice.ie.