FAQ Search the Register

Yes, you can register a decision support arrangement with us via our MyDSS portal. You can access our portal through the portal link on the Decision Support Service website in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can find out more on our Useful Links page.

You will be able to search the register if you can show that you have a good reason to. This is referred to as having a ‘legitimate interest’. Approved persons and organisations, like banks, lawyers and healthcare professionals can be will also be able to search the register. This access is controlled by the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015 (Inspection of Register and Receipt of Copies of Documents) Regulations 2023.

We will keep a searchable register for the following types of arrangements:

  • Co-decision-making agreements
  • Decision-making representation orders
  • Enduring powers of attorneys

If we approve your request to search the register, we will decide whether you can see some or all the of the details in the arrangement. We will also decide whether you can get a copy of the arrangement.

Approved professionals and organisations will be able to search the register to:

  • Confirm that an arrangement exists and is active
  • See the details of the arrangement (as applicable)
  • Get a copy of the arrangement

The contents of the register depend on the registration of arrangements therefore it will be a number of months before anything will be available to view on the register. The register will be accessible through the MyDSS portal in the coming months however if you need to access the register beforehand, please contact the registration team on 01 211 9750 or email registration@decisionsupportservice.ie

We have the authority to investigate complaints about decision-making arrangements and decision supporters. You will find our complaints form on the forms section of the website. You can email or post this form to us.

You can also contact the complaints team on 01 211 9750 or email complaints@decisionsupportservice.ie.