Objecting to an enduring power of attorney

When your attorney applies to register your enduring power of attorney with us, they must tell certain people, for example, your spouse, civil partner and adult children, and give them a copy of the agreement. Any of those people have five weeks to object to the registration of the agreement. There are specific grounds on which an objection can be made.

When we receive an objection, we will review it. If we believe there are good grounds for the objection, we may ask court to decide if the agreement should be registered.

The easiest way to make an objection to the registration or notification of an enduring power of attorney is through our online portal myDSS. We will provide you with a specific form on which you can make your objection.

If you do not have an account, you can create a basic account through our website. You just need an email address.

If you are a notice party, the notice you received will provide instructions on how to make an objection, the date by which the objection must be made, and the application reference number to be quoted in the objection.

Any other person who can show they have a real interest or expertise in the donor’s welfare may also make an objection to the registration or notification of the enduring power of attorney.

Further information on the reasons for making an objection and how to make an objection can be found on at the link on our Objections page.